Develop, Design, Finance, Engineer, Construct, Operate, Maintain and Decommissioning of Solar Photovoltaic Systems


South Africa is currently experiencing some challenges to meet the load demand, hence the planned outages in the form of load shedding. This challenge will not be resolved overnight. As engineers we can contribute to lessen the effects or impact of load shedding on our lives, business and electricity system through the deployment of Solar Photovoltaic Systems. Solar PV Systems can be deployed for small appliances on rural / remote locations, for powering houses, businesses, industrial operations, mines and municipalities. Unlike coal, diesel or gas fired power station with the uncertainty of supply and rising costs on inputs; solar is very predictable and the input cost, being sunlight is FREE and will remain like this indefinitely.

Why attend the course?

South Africa’s solar resource is much higher than that of Europe, yet our deployment of Solar Photovoltaic System is relatively low. This 2-day solar photovoltaic systems course will enable candidates to develop, finance, engineer, construct, commission, operate and maintain a solar photovoltaic generation capacity; big or small. The South African utility framework is opening up to allow IPP, Co-generation, Distributed generation, embedded generation, self consumption, self sufficiency using renewable energy sources. This course is aimed at role players that are developers, engineers, financiers, contractors and operators of renewable energy projects, especially solar PV projects.

Our Value Proposition

The course will :-

  • give a good understanding of solar PV technology and market
  • to enable engineer to configure, design and size solar PV systems
  • enable entrepreneurs to participate in the solar PV market be it to sell systems, components, construction or operations
  • enable municipal officers to understand how solar plants can be integrated within their municipalities.
  • Contractors the principles, processes and dos/don’t in the construction of solar PV plants
  • Contractors the principles, processes and dos/don’t in the operations & maintenance of solar PV plants
Who should attend?
  • Entrepreneurs that wish to participate and earn profits from the renewable energy
  • Engineers and Project Managers in consulting firms wishing to design, size and implement solar PV projects.
  • Contractors wishing to participate in the construction of Solar PV systems / plants.
  • Financiers of large infrastructure projects wishing to fund solar energy projects.
  • Municipality officials (Finance, Budgeting, Infrastructure, Electricity and Project Management divisions)
  • Anyone wishing to upskill him/herself in Solar PV and increase your marketability
What we cover on the course?
  1. The Sun as the resource
  2. The building blocks of solar photovoltaic systems
  3. System configurations
  4. Design, Sizing, technology options
  5. Small projects [Pout ≤10kWp]
  6. Medium projects [10kWp < Pout ≤ 1MWp] Large projects [Pout 1 > MWp]
  7. Financing of Projects
  8. Power Purchase Agreement
  9. Operations & Maintenance
  10. Decommissioning of Solar Plants

R 4350.00 per delegate (includes teas, lunch & course material). Please check out the schedule for the next course near you.